Alphonse is a member of the Abashyizehamwe/Mshsh Group which is based out of Rwanda. Although a very long and difficult to pronounce group name, it has significant meaning. The name translates to "people who have come together for the same goal".

Growing up in Rwanda, Alphonse has worked hard to live a good life. At 27, he is happily married with two young children. He was able to gain 6 years of elementary education while growing up and would like to provide his children with the opportunity to go to school when they are old enough.

Alphonse and the Abashyizehamwe/Mshsh Group have asked for a loan to buy seed and fertilizer for growing and harvesting tomatoes. Alphonse hopes to become the best local tomato grower in his area.

He works hard and hopes to increase his business to not only be able to send them to school, but to build a house for his family and provide them with a higher quality of living.

Alphonse (4th from the right) and the Abashyizehamwe/Mshsh Group

Alphonse has been very thankful for the loan and is currently working hard to grow his crop and will sell it after the harvest. His attitude of wanting to provide for his family's future is exactly what the Mission Belt Co. is proud to sponsor and loan money to. We believe that there are people all over the world willing to work hard, but don't have the opportunity or means to make that next step.

Our mission is fully funded by those who buy our Mission Belts. A portion of each one sold is given to people worldwide like Alphonse and his group. So remember when you are wearing your Mission Belt, that you won't only look good, you'll feel great about being a part of our mission!

February 12, 2013 — Jeff Jensen