The Bomoko Groups are based out of the Congo, and it's members consists of both men and women in their thirties.

In the group there is a 30 year-old single father of three named Edmond. He is the head representative of his group who are mostly in the business of buying, smoking, and selling fish. He has been doing this for over 8 years and has become very good at what he does.

 Edmond and the Bomoko 1 Group.

The Bomoko Group has already put the loan to good use by purchasing fish for smoking. Smoked fish is in high demand in their area and their business is growing. The majority of the loan has been repaid, and in the coming months it will be paid in full.

Edmond and his group would like to continue to expand and grow in hopes of one day owning their own fish depot.

Everyone who purchases a Mission Belt is helping people like Edmond and his group in their hopes to take their next step in life. The Mission Belt Company will always be interested in helping those that are willing to help themselves. Thank you to everyone who supports this great cause!

February 06, 2013 — Jeff Jensen