Ratchet Belt

What is a ratchet belt?

A ratchet belt is basically a no-holes belt. It ratchets down to the desired size by using a buckle mechanism that locks into place by using a series of teeth and magnets instead of the traditional peg and holes that we are all familiar with. The Mission Belt is a ratchet belt. It uses a magnet on the back of the buckle to lock a peg into a rail of teeth that catch the peg. This way the ratchet belt makes a perfect fit without putting holes in the leather which give the ratchet belt a great look and increases the lifespan of the belt. It's a great way to hold up your pants.

First you insert the belt into the buckle. 

Second you slide the belt into the ratchet mechanism. You see the teeth on the track? That's where you will start to here the click click click. 

Lastly, the ratchet belt is locked into place as firm as a traditional belt but without the ugly holes and stretch marks. To release the ratchet mechanism just pull the lever on the bottom and pull out the belt from the buckle. It's that easy. The Mission Belt makes other ratchet belts seem cheap. We only use the highest quality materials and the highest quality is what we get. Try a Mission Belt today by going to www.MissionBelt.com  


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