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May 03, 2016


Mission Belt, the company that you saw give the classic belt accessory a fresh start on ABC's Shark Tank in 2013, will return to television on ABC's Beyond The Tank tonight at 10 pm ET.

“Being on Shark Tank, and now Beyond the Tank, has been incredible for
general brand awareness,” said Zac Holzapfel, cofounder of Mission Belt. “First
and foremost, we are a unique belt company with top tier quality products.
Because of this and the social impact our products have, our customers have

great pride and come back over and over again.”

After the original deal with “shark” investor Daymond John, Mission Belt has
exploded with no sign of slowing down. The product line has grown immensely
since the show and now comes in two widths, 35mm and 40mm, and two belt
materials, genuine leather and a durable nylon, so customers always look fresh.
Mission Belts offer a variety of colors, including the more traditional colors. In
addition, Mission Belt has a full line of licensed products for the NBA, NCAA and
NHL. Customers can find a variety of buckle and strap combinations in over

1,000 stores nationwide.

Mission Belt donates a dollar per belt sold to help fight global hunger and
poverty. The philanthropic effort the company derived its name from has helped
Mission Belt contribute to over 37,000 Kiva micro-loans. These micro-loans
ranging from $25-$500 provide entrepreneurs around the globe the capital
necessary to fund their ventures. Small loans make a huge difference.
“We filmed Beyond the Tank back in February of 2015 and have taken the
leadership advice from Daymond and have adapted to ensure the continued
success of the brand,” said Holzapfel. “Look for more great products as we

continue to expand.”

For more information about Mission Belt or its belts and mission, visit
To see Mission Belt's Kiva page, visit
For more information about Beyond the Tank, log onto: 

Mission Belt to Appear on ABC's Beyond the Tank

Mission Belt is diving back into the Tank! Most of our fans and customers were introduced to us when we debuted on ABC’s hit television show Shark Tank. The Sharks loved our amazing, no holes belt and as you probably know, we ended up partnering with Daymond John.

Since that time we have had tremendous success thanks to our amazing customers. Due in large part to our success we were selected for a spinoff show called Beyond The Tank.

In this show the Sharks review the companies they’ve invested in and give a real-world glimpse into the challenges a company faces after appearing on the hit show. We’re honored to be part of the premiere season of Beyond The Tank.

Growth Means Opportunity & Challenges

Being on the original show was a tremendous springboard for Mission Belt, but it wasn’t all skittles and rainbows. Our meteoric growth brought with it its own set of challenges. Managing inventory and finding the right people to fill key roles quickly were two major hurdles. Our growing reputation has also brought attention from competitors. Through it all we’ve been fortunate enough to not just survive but thrive in a competitive landscape.

We successfully expanded into licensed sports apparel with our NCAA, NBA, and NHL lines. And we’re not done yet. We’re building even more lines of our famous belt. If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll be among the first to hear about our newest offerings in the works, so be sure to sign up!

Giving Back & Remembering The Mission

Through it all we have been fortunate to not just grow our company, but also grow our ability to help others around the world. In pursuit of our mission to fight world hunger, a dollar from every belt sold is donated to micro-lending organization Kiva.

We recently completed 20,000 loans in over 70 countries. Thanks to our customers, we have been able to give more people a hand up with micro loans then we ever could have imagined.

Mission Belt is making a big difference to more and more people everywhere…and it all started on Shark Tank. So get excited! Grab some popcorn and a drink and watch for Mission Belt on Beyond The Tank. Thanks for being part of the mission!



Enter your bracket in the Mission Belt group on ESPN for a chance to win some gear. The top bracket will win a Mission Belt gift set with 3 belts. 2nd place will win a Mission Belt gift box with 1 belt of their choice and 3rd place will win a Mission Belt shirt! Hurry and enter before the first game on Thursday!

Link to bracket: http://es.pn/1Lgoi2I
Link to terms and conditions: http://bit.ly/1FpRDDk

Winner will be announced on or around April 14, 2015.

Open to everyone anywhere of any age! However, only one submission per person.

Any submissions made after the first tip off on Thursday will not count toward this contest.


Maximum of 3 winners.

Grand Prize: A gift set of Mission Belts (3 belts of the individual's choice)

Second Place: A Mission Belt gift box with 1 belt of the individual's choice

Third Place: 1 Mission Belt shirt


If there is a tie: Tie-Breaker For First Prize Winners:

The first tie-breaker will be based upon the following: The Entrant's Predicted Final Score for both participating teams in the National Championship combined that is closest to the actual total points scored by both teams in the National Championship, without exceeding the actual number of total points scored, is the winner.
If the first tie-breaker does not break the tie, the second tie breaker is as follows: The Entrant's Predicted Final Score for both participating teams in the National Championship combined that is closest to the actual total points scored by both teams in the National Championship, regardless of whether the Entrant's total Predicted Final Score exceeded the actual total of points scored, is the winner.
If the second tie-breaker does not break the tie, the last tie-breaker is as follows: Earliest date/time of final completion of the potentially winning Challenge Entry Bracket. The date/time determination is based upon the date/time that the potentially winning Challenge Entry Bracket was last saved by Entrant.

Mission Belt @ The 2015 PGA Merchandise Show

Our team just spent a week in Orlando at the 2015 PGA Merchandise Show! Belts are an important part of golfing attire and so we showed up with plenty of style, including an incredible array of colors and mix-and-match buckles and leathers. We were thrilled with the non-stop traffic and interest in Mission Belt, including a visit from our favorite shark and strategic partner, Daymond John. Browse our collections to find the perfect belt for your next trip to the golf course!
The indoor test driving range. 
January 15, 2015

Your belt for the 2015 College Football Playoffs

This year was the first year for college football playoffs AND the first season you could sport your very own team belt, the perfect accessory to keep your pants up while making some big noise! 
The finals.
The semifinals.

Mission Belt @ The Agenda Tradeshow 2015

We're excited to share our new booth experience from the AGENDA Tradeshow in Long Beach this week. It's the premier annual Skate/Surf Streetstyle show in the world and we were honored to be invited to talk shop next to brands we've grown up loving. It was the culmination of a major team effort to share all of our current and upcoming products, broadcast the brand with a focus on our Mission, and highlight the personality of our company. As a result of our appearance, you'll soon see Mission Belt on more shelves in more retail stores! 

Mission Belt @ Agenda 2015

Mission Belt @ Agenda 2015 (1)

The Mission Table was our booth centerpiece and we're proud to introduce you to a number of the beneficiaries of our loans around the world with their pictures alongside the work they've been doing with these much-needed investments.


What Do People Mean By "Daymond John Belt"?

When co-founder Nate Holzapfel went on the hit show Shark Tank, he had no idea he’d be walking out with a deal from Daymond John. In hindsight, the deal makes perfect sense. Daymond has had tremendous success in the past with clothing and fashion. But he has passed up plenty of clothing deals on the Tank and there’s never any guarantee once you enter “the Tank”.

Nate did an exceptional job showing why our belts and our company are worth an investment. Daymond saw the potential almost immediately as did his colleagues. In fact, one of the Sharks that passed on Mission Belt later said that was the one deal he wished he could have back.

Going Back Into The Tank

Due to the popularity of The Shark Tank, ABC has launched a spin-off show called Beyond The Tank. Mission Belt has been selected as a business to be featured on the new show.

In this show, companies that got a deal from a Shark will be put to the test to see how they have managed with the investment. We’re looking forward to seeing what America thinks of how we’ve done since being on the show.

Growth Brings Challenges & New Opportunity

We weren’t sure what to expect after being on the original show. The break between filming and airing gave us some time to prepare but there was no way to know how the world would respond after seeing us.

To say the response was huge would be an understatement. In a matter of a few days our company had grown exponentially, and we’ve been fortunate enough to continue our growth. But with that came unique challenges. How do we manage that growth without sacrificing our values and our future?

Thanks to valuable partners like Daymond, we’re doing just that. Since being on the show we have successfully expanded into licensed sports apparel with our Collegiate, NBA, and NHL lines. There’s even more to come in the near future so get signed up on our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss it!

Remembering Our Mission

Most companies weren’t founded with a philanthropic purpose like Mission Belt. One of our top goals in starting this company was to give back to those who need it most. To honor our mission to fight world hunger, a dollar from every belt sold is donated to micro-lending organization Kiva. In fact, we’ve recently surpassed 20,000 loans in over 70 countries.

Thanks to our loyal customers and valued partners, we’re helping to put an end to hunger in third-world countries. At Mission Belt, we’re all about making a difference. So now it’s time to get your own “Daymond John belt”. Thanks for being part of the mission!


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