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Mission Belt Co

Breaking the Poverty Cycle One Belt at a Time- Mission Belt Co.

Mission friends, 

Meet Ruben! He is from Nicaragua and makes his living by selling bananas and different produce such as beans, corn and wheat. Ruben makes frequent trips up the mountain to bring fruit into town to sale. Ruben has been so successful already that he has plans to sell coffee to add to his business. With the loan that he was given, Ruben was finally able to the way he wanted in a timely manner. Ruben has paid his loan in full and has continued to make the frequent trips to gather produce, and now he can rest assure that those trips will remain profitable for his business. You have helped to give Ruben a hand up, not a hand out. Now someone else can use his loan to get out of the poverty cycle as well. 

 Mission Belt Co. – Breaking the poverty cycle one belt at a time.

Kiva is an easily accessible platform that helps connect hard working people with a hand up and a small loan. Because the loans are interest free and 98% of them are repaid, the $1 from your Mission Belt purchase could be used to help hundreds of people invest in their dreams and help end the poverty cycle. They really are small loans that make huge differences. 


Breaking the Poverty Cycle One Belt at a Time- Mission Belt Co.

Mission friends,

Meet Santa! She is 34 years old and lives in Calceta, Ecuador with her husband. She has two children that are in school that she and her husband are helping fund. Santa needed a small loan to purchase food and medicine for the pigs that she is raising in order to sell them to neighbors and families around her. Being able to sell the pigs has helped her to fund her children’s education so that she does not have to leave home to work, which means that she and her family can remain close together.

Mission Belt Co. – Breaking the poverty cycle one belt at a time.

Kiva is an easily accessible platform that helps connect hard working people with a hand up and a small loan. Because the loans are interest free and 98% of them are repaid, the $1 from your Mission Belt purchase could be used to help hundreds of people invest in their dreams and help end the poverty cycle. They really are small loans that make huge differences.

Thank you for being part of The Mission!

November 14, 2014

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NEW: Mission Music Wednesday!

Here at Mission Belt we are starting the weekly tradition of letting you in on our "Jam of the Week". You know, that one jam that gets you excited and amped on life? Yeah! We are going to be sharing those with you. 


We are sure you have heard the popular song Royals by Lorde getting its fair share of air time on the radio. Yes, we agree with the nation's DJs, this is an awesome song but we are all about the song 400 Lux that came out on her album last week. Her soothing voice and awesome lyrics make this song one worth adding to your go-to playlist. 
Check it out and let us know what you think!
We also want to know what your "Jam of the Week" is! Send it our way and if it becomes our Jam of the Week we will send you a free shirt!

Nuru Group & The Mission Belt Co

The Nuru Group is made up of women of all ages from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Their primary source of income is from selling used shoes in their local community. Namegabe is a member of this group and is a mother of ten children. A portion of this loan would go to buying 30 pairs of used shoes. She hopes to eventually build a home for her family with the increased income. She is very thankful and has already begun to repay her loan.


Namegabe (Second from the left, back row) and the Nuru Group

The Mission Belt is proud to help Namegabe and the Nuru Group. A portion of each Mission Belt that is sold goes to helping people all around the world. Thank you to everyone who has supported this great cause by purchasing a Mission Belt!

Filomina & The Mission Belt Co

Filomina is a 64 year old woman who lives in the small country of Georgia. In the small village which she lives, her and her family run an agricultural business. The plot of land that they own is used mostly for growing potatoes. During the spring and summer seasons they work hard to make sure they reap a good harvest. After harvest, they will sell their crop to the local community.

The loan that she has requested is to cultivate more of the family owned land. The plot that they own isn't being completely used because some of the ground isn't sufficient for growing potatoes. With extra cultivated land, they will be able to increase their harvest. A small portion of the loan is also going to buying more seed for planting.

With the increase in harvest and better business, Filomina and her family hope to provide for themselves a better quality of living.


Fiomina in her home.

Filomina and her family have been very appreciative of the loan, and have already begun to pay it back. The family business is doing very well, and they are maximizing the use of their land.

This loan wouldn't be possible without those who support the mission of the Mission Belt Co. With every belt that is sold, a portion of the sale goes to providing people worldwide like Filomina with opportunities to help themselves.

If you want to join in on this great cause, take a moment to look at our many fashionable belts. You will look good, and also feel great when wearing a Mission Belt!

November 14, 2014

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Custom Fit Belts

Custom, when used as an adjective, means: made to personal order or tailored. That is what we are all looking for in our clothes. We want them to hug where they should and to be loose where we want the room. In the big box store world it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get a custom or tailored anything. It’s usually too big or too small and we just deal with it. When we do get that custom fit we wear the item like it was our only pair of clothes. This dilemma manifests itself most when it comes to our belts. Getting a custom fit belt requires a trip to Milan or Buenos Aires where hand crafted items and small shops still have the knowhow and history to deliver handcrafted custom fit belts.

As we all know, the problem with belts today is they come in whole inch sizes. For most of us that creates a problem if we are going for that perfect fit or custom fit. We change sizes from day to day and meal to meal and rarely are we an exact 34 or 36 etc. Most times we are in between sizes or even between the in between sizes. The worst part about that is the belt ends up being too tight (ouch) or too loose (embarrassing). And let’s not forget how lousy a belt looks after we’ve traded holes a few times. The belt starts looking like a prehistoric artifact full of scratches, stretch marks, and cracks. Bottom line: it’s uncomfortable, undistinguished, and unacceptable.

That is one of the great things about The Mission Belt. Not only does it look amazing, it has technology that delivers custom fit belts without having to search out the old world hidden shops and artisans. The Mission Belt uses no-holes ratchet technology so that every time you put on your Mission Belt you can get the very most comfortable and custom fit belt ever. You can actually adjust the size down to the millimeter as easily as slipping the belt on. It’s a revolution in belt design and comfort. Finally there is a belt that gives that custom fit and tailored finish to an item we all use every day. Custom fit belts are here at last.

Ratchet Belt

What is a ratchet belt?

Good question! I'm glad you asked. A ratchet belt is a specific style of belt that ratchets down to the desired size by using a buckle mechanism that locks into place. The position of the belt is maintained by using a series of teeth and a latch held in place by magnets instead of the traditional peg and holes that most belts use.

The Mission Belt is a ratchet belt. It uses a magnet on the back of the buckle to lock a metal peg into a rail of teeth that catches the peg. This way the ratchet belt makes a perfect fit without putting holes in the leather. The end result is a belt that fits perfectly every time you wear it. Since there are no holes our ratchet belts last much longer than traditional belts. A ratchet belt is a great way to hold up your pants!

Someone really smart once said a picture is worth a thousand words. So here's a picture:

ratchet belt demonstration 1

First you insert the belt into the buckle. 

ratchet belt demonstration 2

Second you slide the belt into the ratchet mechanism. You see the teeth on the track? That's where you will start to here the click click click. 

ratchet belt demonstration 3

The ratchet belt is locked into place as firmly as a traditional belt but without the ugly holes and stretch marks. To release the ratchet mechanism just pull the lever on the bottom and pull out the belt from the buckle. It's that easy. In fact, it's so easy you can do it while getting hit in the face with water balloons. Don't believe me? Just ask Cam:

Are Ratchet Belts Made to Last?

A trick question. I like your style, friend! No, not ALL ratchet belts are made well because most other companies don't hold themselves to the same standard that we do. But we can speak to our own quality.

Every Mission Belt is made from durable materials that make other ratchet belts seem cheap. We only use the highest quality materials which is why our belts last so long. Check out this video that shows how our belts are made:


Which Ratchet Belt is Right for Me?

Man, that's two trick questions in a row. But I'm on to you now. Here's the rundown on our belts: we have a great selection of belts in various sizes, colors, and styles. Each belt is offered in small, medium, large, XL, or custom size up to 56" long. Most customers buy the belt a little longer than they need because our buckles are removable and you can easily trim the leather down to the perfect size.

Just be careful. Our scientists tell us cutting the leather down is simple enough but they haven't figured out how to make it regenerate yet. We've experimented with using live lizards instead of cowhide but you know it's harder than it sounds.

Our belts come in two different widths: 35mm & 40mm. All leathers and buckles are interchangeable but only if they are the same width. The idea is to mix and match buckles and leathers as needed. But just keep in mind you can't use a 40MM leather on a 35MM buckle. I know, once again science fails us. Come on scientists!

As for styles and colors, we've got lots of options and we regularly add more. Check out our different collections: Solids, Gold, Kids, 3Bar, Heavy Metal, Alloys. Or just browse all our belts and see what jumps out. So the real question isn't: which one is right for you? It's: which ones are you going to buy first?

We're on a Mission

Remember, the Mission Belt Co is more than just a ratchet belt company. We are on a mission to end world hunger. That's why we donate $1 from every belt purchased to Kiva, a microlending organization. Read more about The Mission.

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