The Mission Belt is the ultimate men's dress belt. It has no holes. Holes ruin a belt. They stretch, crack, and wear over time. They literally broadcast to the world your weight fluctuations. Chances are you are wearing a tattered belt right now. If you examine your belt closely you will find that the flaws with the belt are a direct result of holes in your leather. That's why we at the Mission Belt Co decided to do away with them altogether. We replaced the holes with our unique no holes ratchet belt buckle. Just insert the tip and slide the belt into the buckle. You will hear a click, click, click, and you will be able to adjust your belt to the perfect fit down to the quarter inch. How is that for modern and sophisticated?

The Mission Belt is one of those items that dresses up well. It's not just a belt for golf or skating. It's incredibly versatile. It is at home on a pair of slacks as well as on a pair of board shorts. It's an amazing belt. It will last 10 times as long as any other belt you have ever bought. It is built tough and sturdy and because we got rid of the holes, it won't look like a piece of ancient antiquity as you move up and down in sizes, as most men do. The bottom line is the Mission Belt is by far the best men's dress belt you can buy and it is comfortably priced too. We could charge 150 dollars for a belt like this but we choose to make it affordable for everybody because that is just the kind of people we are at the Mission Belt Co.

The Mission Belt dresses up as well as it dresses down.

In addition to building our world class Men's Dress belt, we also take a dollar from every belt sold to help hungry families around the world. It is a hand up and not a hand out. The families that receive the funds are all well deserving, hard working people. We deploy the funds to build renewable food sources so that our capital has a far reaching and stabilizing effect on the recipients. We don't just buy some milk for a family to live off of for a month, we buy a cow so they can milk it, drink the milk, make the cheese, and sell any excess to fill the nutritional gaps in their diets. That is the "Mission" and we can't do it without our customers. Thanks for being a part of the Mission. We are making big changes in lots of lives and we are excited for the future.

September 24, 2012 — Jeff Jensen
Tags: Belts