Emilio lives in Candelaria, Bolivia. He and his wife live on their farm with their children. It's actually a really big farm measuring 7,800. They grow potatoes, beans, ova, and ulluco. They urgently need money to purchase two oxen to work the land and plant their crops and increase production. Thanks to the Mission Belt customers we were able to help Emilio and family out to secure these two desperately needed oxen to work their land. 

The Mission Belt Co helped Emilio and family get his Oxen.

Mission Belt Co

This was a no brainer investment for the Mission Belt Co. Emilio and his wife had very little access to education, in fact they only had several years of formal schooling. They are hard working people of the land. Emilio and family got the Oxen and are now tilling the soil. The crops will be bigger and healthier. Emilio's family will eat a fuller diet and with the excess they sell they will fill in the nutrition gaps that they currently have on the farm. We see Emilio and family progressing a ton from this small investment. We are glad to be a part of the project and we thank all the Mission Belt customers that made it possible. Thanks for being a part of the mission. If you haven't gotten a no holes belt yet make sure to visit us at www.missionbelt.com and get your world class belt today. Not only will you love your automatic belt, you will be a part of our great philanthropic effort too. 

August 27, 2012 — Jeff Jensen